How Ecological are 3D Printers?

Over the past few years I have been to a few presentations by HP on their Jet Fusion technology. By most metrics, Jet Fusion is the most-efficient and highest quality additive manufacturing technology. However, the current systems cost over 100k USD. This means for small-run and distributed manufacturing, FDM additive manufacturing is probably the bestContinue reading “How Ecological are 3D Printers?”

Printrbot Part 1

I spent most of the first third of my Winter break off from University hacking on the printrbot design posted by whosawhatsis. I wanted to make a few optimizations and most importantly separate the parameterizations of the smooth and threaded rod. Unfortunately, I altered a bit too much in the script to merge easily. Lesson learned, make small alterationsContinue reading “Printrbot Part 1”

Why this week hasn’t had any developments I have been preparing for my Science Olympiad competition the past week. I already have a road map for next week, and have started thinking about version 0.2 for mixtape Mendel. All I can say is expect alot next week. My smooth rod will be here possibly, and I will be printing and designingContinue reading “Why this week hasn’t had any developments”