How Ecological are 3D Printers?

Over the past few years I have been to a few presentations by HP on their Jet Fusion technology. By most metrics, Jet Fusion is the most-efficient and highest quality additive manufacturing technology. However, the current systems cost over 100k USD. This means for small-run and distributed manufacturing, FDM additive manufacturing is probably the best … Continue reading How Ecological are 3D Printers?

State of the Descartes 2019-06-09

In my last post about Descartes I outlined some overall objectives of the development  going forward: OpenSCAD near-feature parity Forward differentiable representations Meshing approaches for sharp corners (e.g. Dual Contours) Oct-Tree sampling approaches (and interpolation of the functional representation) All of the above objectives have been touched upon since my last post. OpenSCAD feature parity … Continue reading State of the Descartes 2019-06-09

How to generate a package for Julia 1.1

This is part of the "Relearning Julia Series"... In short, use PkgTemplates.jl. PkgTemplates now provides the old Pkg/PkgDev.generate function. Background Since 0.6 several things have changed in the Julia ecosystem. One in particular is the package manager. There is a very powerful project and environment system now available to all users, which makes the system … Continue reading How to generate a package for Julia 1.1

Printrbot Part 1

I spent most of the first third of my Winter break off from University hacking on the printrbot design posted by whosawhatsis. I wanted to make a few optimizations and most importantly separate the parameterizations of the smooth and threaded rod. Unfortunately, I altered a bit too much in the script to merge easily. Lesson learned, make small alterations … Continue reading Printrbot Part 1