Printrbot Part 3 : Bowden Setup

I totally forgot to write about my bowden setup. I will keep this brief, because it is very simple. Below are pictures of the parts with comments.

Above is the bowden coupler. I parameterized it better and simplified the script over the original. The new script allows me to take into account offsets in the hole and filament output. I used a pencil sharpener to slightly taper the holes so I could thread on the nuts. I am using 6mmOD 4mmID PTFE tubing. I found I just needed to get enough leverage on the nuts and they threaded relatively easily.  The part can be found here…
I am using Stoffel15’s 9/47 wade’s extruder with a Nema 17 stepper. I just wanted to get more torque on the filament, no other particular reason for choosing this cold end. Parts are here…
Here you can see the x-carriage. I put a piece of PTFE in the gap so the filament doesn’t collapse from the pressure.

3 thoughts on “Printrbot Part 3 : Bowden Setup

  1. Nice build I'm debating doing a bowden mod on my Printrbot Nintendo edition. It seems to have more advantages then downfalls. Do you have much of a problem with oozing? If you want to check out my build Thanks again for documenting a great build.


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