Version 0.1 to 0.2

Here is what I have learned from version 0.1.
– Tapping plastic works well.
– I need to make my parts a tad bit thicker.
– In OpenSCAD, I should never use scaling factors to describe walls, but rather hard millimeter values.
– Having a configuration file would be awesome.
– I should flip the smooth and threaded rods on the z axis.
– The cross bar isn’t necessary.

What I am going to do in version 0.2
– See above.
– Hollow the vertexes (maybe)
– Try vertical x bars like in the eMakerShop Huxley.
– Try longer, 3 contact point, bushings.
– Try to make bowden extrusion work well.
– Try these out.
– Actually test it.

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