2cm of Z travel and other updates

I figure I will just post up some pics. It turns out I need to rework the top piece and bottom piece, because the motor hits the side rods on the triangle. This effectively makes my x travel around 2cm. 6cm if I pretend the print bed is non existent. I am going to flip the smooth and threaded rod like Christopher Olah did so I can eliminate the cross bar. I have known this since last week. Why I am posting this now, I don’t know. I think my Version 0.2 notes are about done as well. I will be posting those soon. Like 15 minutes soon.

Oh and my Arduino Mega got here. I ordered 10lbs of filament and other goodies from Ultimachine, which should be here soon. My smooth rod ship date got pushed back from the 1st to the 15th, which sucks, but I figure I can get version 0.2 done without it. I am still debating on releasing version 0.1. As a whole it does not work, but, parts do. If anything I might release parts on request.

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