Mixtape Mendel Updates

More likely back to the mixtape mendel project. I have had, in my head, the ideas I want to implement into version 0.2. Many of these things are fundamentally sound. I also wanted to test out some of the hardware and software I would be using on testing mixtape mendel. Partially to eliminate variables. Most of this project is focused on the mechanical design of a highly optimized printer for PLA bushings and low hardware count. One of my first steps involved some minor maintenece on Isaac. I replaced the X carriage with Buback’s version, here. It works well. I also went ahead and replaced the dying 30mm fan on the original carriage with a new 400mm one, which is positioned mush nicer. the original has a corner cut off and was positioned to blow air from one side of the carriage to the other, which ended up going downward. I also added heatsinks to my Pololu drivers. I have been running them since August and been breadboarding with them since last May. I also added a 90mm fan, which is awesome. Together, i can really crank up the extruder current, which is nice.

I have also been busy helping my friend, Brett, get isaac’s child working. Last month I printed him a set of Prusa parts. He did a great job on the mechanical construction, and i have been helping him get the electronics running. I am really surprised the PLA bushings work so well. I dunno if it is the PLA bushings, or the general accoustics of the parts, but it seems to transfer alot of vibration and noise through the frame. He is using brass bushings on the Z axis and PLA bushings on the X and Y axes. I am really impressed at how well they work and constrain the axes, so I feel much more confident in using these on Mixtape. I have shown Brett the improvements I made, and his favorite is the glueless bushings on the X ends for the Z axis.

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