Printrbot Part 1

I spent most of the first third of my Winter break off from University hacking on the printrbot design posted by whosawhatsis. I wanted to make a few optimizations and most importantly separate the parameterizations of the smooth and threaded rod. Unfortunately, I altered a bit too much in the script to merge easily. Lesson learned, make small alterations and make commits frequently. No big deal, since he seems to still be actively developing it. Otherwise, I am mostly done with the mechanical assembly. I just need to figure out a solution for bowden extrusion. Link to the wiki page is here.

I am using Nema 14 steppers from Pololu, T5 belt with printed pulleys, and LM8UU linear bearings. Below are some pictures of the progress.

Very Simple, still worried about print accuracy though.
I added a top brace to hold the spacing between the Z smooth rods.
My open coupler design from the Deltafab repo. Seems to work well, and holds the shafts centered.


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