Frame Vertexes

I have to say what really got me started on this project was this. The design is nice, parametric and simple. I had been messing with hollowed out vertexes and trying to make them lighter. Whosawhatasis’ vertex uses as little material as possible and is well executed. I posted up a updated scad file here. There are some comparison photos on thingiverse, but to try and interest my readers I will repost them below (more words after the pictures).



These vertexes are not compatible with the Y motor mounts used on the Mendel. I have given it 3 tries but my math was off. I am going to be reevaluating my OpenSCAD script tonight and will hopefully figure out how to mount it correctly. After I verify it works it will be up on thingiverse. I am going to go back a relook at my hacked Prusa Zmotor mount that took ideas from’s remix. I got really excited over the weekend and was hacking the files so I could get my printer done quickly. After Jmil kindly directed me to the Google Science Fair, I have decided I will try and flesh out the development and do something useful for the community, rather than hack together my second RepRap.

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