HaytchBot was designed in TextCAD, as a test of the software. At the time the RepRap community was actively exploring H-Bot and CoreXY layouts for gantries. The H-Bot layout here is the same used in the MakerBot Replicator. I performed quite a few tests on the system, but determined that H-Bot was less than ideal due to a high degree of rotational torque on the moving axis. Later at Voxel8, I successfully guided the team towards a CoreXY gantry rather than H-Bot gantry based on my experience with this system. The design was a fun exercise in minimalist design and TextCAD provided a useful level of abstraction of the implementation. The parameters for the design were quite simple and high-level specifications:

class CoreBotConfig():
    def __init__(self,
                 buildVolume = [150, 150, 200],
                 stepper = ["Generic NEMA17", "Generic NEMA17", "Generic NEMA17"],
                 linear = ["LM8UU", "LM8UU", "LM8UU"],
                 bearing = ["605zz", "624zz", None],


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