Flash.scad SLA Printer

In the Summer of 2015 I was a participant in Rice University’s OwlSpark startup accelerator with AddSub (Later, Open Factory). Our team did market research on an SLA 3D Printer, powered by a DLP projector. Some of the initial designs were focused on aesthetic design language and some design for manufacturing elements. Our plan was to keep upstart costs as low as possible and use our FDM 3D printers for the initial production runs. As we started pricing out the printer, we found that our FDM 3D Printers were a bottleneck in production yield and cost, so I was tasked with developing improvements to reduce the component count and reduce printing time.  In addition, I added features such as a pivoting ball for platform alignment and parametric optical-axis alignment. I did the design work in OpenSCAD.



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